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intermittent loss of internet service

I have been having this problem for a long time but it hasn't been much of an issue because I am not home most of the day. However, I am now home for most of the day and this is a big problem. I upgraded all my equipment within the last year. new modem and router. i know it is not my computer be abuse other devices connected to the router will stop working at the same time, i have tried 3 different routers and 2 different modems.

I had a technician come out last August and he basically reset things and checked connections. It didn't happen while he was here so he couldn't diagnose the problem. I still had to pay for the visit. 

The problem: chronic, short-term (2-10 minute) loss of internet service. Lights on my netgear cm700 will go from solid to blinking, mainly the downstream light followed by the internet light. 

What could be causing this problem and how do I resolve it?