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Intermittent Wifi

I have a Ubee DVW326 Modem/Router. Starting a bout 3 weeks ago, the wifi intermittently stops working (i.e. will not respond to pings or connection attempts). I notice that whenever this happens, the Wifi light is solid on. When the Wifi is working, the Wifi light flickers normally. Also, the unit occasionally seems to spontaneously reset. Could this be interference? Or is it indication of a malfunction?

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  • When it happens, do any wired connections work OK? Also, does it effect all wifi devices at once, or just certain ones?

    As for what's causing the resets, it would help to see the modem logs, but I am not sure how to do it with that model gateway. Do you have a lot of wifi networks around you? Last, anything else of note happen 3 weeks ago? Storm? Any new devices?

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