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MS outlook email problem

After once again sitting on the phone, now for 45 minutes, and listening to 'we are experiencing higher than expected call volume' every few minutes, I've had it. I can't hang on the phone all day for help.

I have a Mac Pro and I run MS outlook 2011 on it. I was on the phone upgrading my security setting as required several weeks ago. Everything worked for that day. But now, there is a problem with being logged out every 15 minutes or so. I have been changed to three people now and then go on another waiting list to be on hold. This is insanity. 

A box comes up and says I don't have the correct authentication. But when I check, my user name and password is there. Once I log  in again, I can receive and send mail, but it keeps logging me out. Have rebooted, waited several days, contacted Apple, and hung on hold for ages with Cox. The last guy said there have been email problems, but really can we get some service to deal with this?

It was working before I changed the security settings. So now it's been an hour on hold. Transferring me from one person who knows nothing to yet another. Can't wait any longer now!!

Please, someone give me written instructions no how to fix this. Thank you.

  • i have a issue with my Email accounts being set Inactive every one to two days for two weeks, I have been on the phone with Tier2 and they say they are working on it and other people are having the same problem but they do not know when it will be fixed. I think that is their standard response because no one is actually working on it  and therefore no estimate when it will be fixed. 

  • Hi Beverlyk,

    Use the steps at to review your incoming and outgoing server settings. On the Outgoing Server tab, is "Use the same settings as my incoming mail server" selected? If so, change the setting to "Log on using" and type in your Cox Username (everything before the @ sign in your email address) and password. Put a checkmark in the box to remember the password. Then click OK. Close Outlook completely, and then reopen. Changing this one setting has worked for some folks.

  • Hi BobCo,

    A ticket for this issue was submitted on your behalf. We'll let you know as soon as we receive more details or any updates.

  • I have updated the required security settings.A few weeks ago I spent 4 days trying to get my outgoing mail to send mail. I reached tier 2 and finally got things to work after simply changing my password. Now, a few weeks later, my outgoing mail suddenly continues to show error message 0x80042109. One minute my outgoing mail was being sent and the next moment it stopped. I use Outlook 2016 (Office 365). I know there are no issues with my online cox account because I can send and receive mail on the cox website, but all of my contacts are in Outlook. Cox needs to fix this outgoing mail issue with Outlook. Everything was working fine until I changed the security settings. WHAT IS THE ISSUE COX?!!!! This is getting old - fast. 

  • CAST

    Have you changed the SMTP settings in Outlook to port 465 with SSL enabled yet?

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