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How can I downgrade my service online? (NEW)

I want to be downgrading from Ultimate to the lowest internet package my download and upload speeds aren't anywhere close to the 300mbps however that is not the problem the problem is the overage fees it makes no sense for me to on the ultimate package. That is definitely a better choice for me since I refuse to pay this extortion from COX!!

Heck, if the AT&T connection works out, I may drop COX completely because this 1TB cap for all tiers is such BS in my opinion!

I would also like to personally thank the Cox marketing genius who came up with the 1TB cap across the board... BRILLIANT!!

  • You can complain about the marketing genius, but they are making money with it.  People are paying for the unlimited option and I bet more people are staying/paying than people downgrading/cancelling.  Money talks, and they can get away with it.  

    As far as downgrading, you have to call in during their billing support hours..  Not sure on exact hours, but I believe they are open till 8pm PST Mon-Sat (Someone else feel free to correct me)

  • @Snow1434

    Cox provides the Support Forums as a service to its customers to help them obtain technical support, exchange ideas, and get information relating to Cox products and services. Billing and account questions that require the sharing of personal information aren't suited for a public forum. For further assistance, please email us at with your full name and address.

  • I looked around the website for a good 30 minutes trying to figure out how to downgrade service but you can't do it online, you can only upgrade.  In other words, they make it easy to spend more money but if you want to save money by downgrading, you have to take more time by calling them.  I guess in their defense, why would they make it easy for you to give them less money?  Same as Sirius can't cancel online but you can add additional services.

  • Hi Mglow,

    We are working to expand the service changes customers can make online. At this time, it is necessary to speak with an agent to downgrade your services. To get the hours of operation and the phone numbers for your local Cox Sales and Support teams, go to Be sure to set your current location using the drop-down box in the upper right-hand corner of the page.