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Email while on foreign travel

Recently traveled to Canada from USA and found that I could receive Cox email (using Outlook on Win10), but I could not send. How do I prevent that from happening the next time I travel?

I ended up using WebMail, but found I would have to log in to local network, navigate to Cox, log into WebMail.  This is very disruptive when I am working with others who are naturally sending/receiving emails realtime, without all the hassle of navigating to WebMail.

Thx, Eric

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  • being told I needed to check with my hotel tech support, etc.

    That's actually not horrible advice, depending on the context. I used to work IT for hotels, and many times people would call us for the hotel's email relay server. A relay server is one specifically set up locally to relay your outbound mail so you don't need to use your email provider's SMTP servers. Unfortunately these servers are abused by spammers, so there are restrictions on how many emails you can send at once and in total. So hotels offer them, others don't. See a "Ask Leo" blog on the subject. A bit different from what I talked about, but still relevant. 

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