Fast forwarding randomly causes recording to go back to beginning

This seems to happen only when recording a live sports program (i.e. long) and then viewing the program from the VCR while it is still recording.  Sometimes when I hit fast forward the recording just goes back to the beginning and loses my place.  Other times it fast forwards fine but when I stop fast forwarding it goes back to the beginning, and still other times it shows that it went back to the beginning but it actually doesn't.  I don't think this happens if I wait to view the program until the recording is finished but for football games or golf tournaments this is very frustrating.

  • This is happening to me too, altho if I go back to the program as listed on Saved in my recordings and click Resume, it takes me back to where I originally was watching and I don't have to FF. Otherwise you have to FF from beginning to where you were. That's the only work-around I've found, but its better than trying to figure out where you were. It's a frustrating issue, to be sure. happens mostly on sports (live or recorded), but has also happened on non-sports programming. 

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