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Picture in top left corner

We've been having a constant problem we can't seem to fix.  When turning on the TV, the entire picture is miniature and at the top left corner. The TV itself works fine when we launch apple tv or another streaming service, but when using the cable box, this is what happens.  There is no other way to fix other than reboot the contour box by unplugging and re-plugging back in.  Cox doesn't know what the issue is either.  Anyone else experiencing?

  • I have experienced this myself recently. I have had the same cable box and hdmi cable for a few years and did not start seeing this occur until I bought a new TV a few months ago. The only workaround I have seen myself outside of rebooting the box like you say is to change the display format to a 480 format and then change it back to 1080p in the contour settings menu. I have a Samsung QLED model Q80B. I had a different Samsung prior to this (non-QLED) and it worked without any issue. I think this may be a hdmi handshake issue as bluestar mentioned.

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