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Tuning Adapter Reboot Issue New Tuning Adapter UPDATE

It's just about a month since Cox updated my Tuning Adapters with the new dual frequency adapters.  In the last 30 or so days, it has rebooted twice, for a very short period of time and did not trigger the "tuning adapter not connected" on the TiVo.  Other than that, it has worked flawlessly.  I would imagine TiVo will be releasing the new adapters sometime in 2023 subject to availability.  They have not been in touch with me to see if I have had any issues but did give me the email address of the person in charge of the issue to report any problems which I have yet to have to do.

For those who asked I am in the Phoenix Metro area and the Chandler facility.

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  • Well, a couple hours before the tech was scheduled to show up, the TA decided to connect.  I elected to let it go in hopes it would crash before the tech got here.  Tech showed up, no crashes.  Had a nice discussion with the tech.  He claims COX made an update to the North Scottsdale head end related to TA's.  Something about the 100mHz (or maybe 110) channel.  In any case, the TA has been up for a week now.  No crashes.  Error counts increasing modestly but no where near previous error rates. 

    Problem solved?  Seems like it.

    It took almost a year, but COX may have finally figured it out.  Thank You!!