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Why can't I log into HBO Max or ESPN on my iPad

I am getting the error shown below on my iPad which is "Sign In Error. We are experiencing technical difficulties.  Please try again later"

It never works, no matter how long I wait or how many times I try again.  This is not a technical difficulty.  This is a defect.

I cannot log into HBO Max or ESPN.  I can log into AMC, it uses a different authentication method that works with Cox.  It pops open a web page.

I can log into HBO Max on my Mac using Safari.  That works fine.  This appears to be a defect on the Apple iPad.  I have yet to try this on my phone.

I need this working on my iPad, not my computer.  I don't take my computer to where I view my shows.  I need this working on my iPad.

Also, watching with contour is not great.  Contour does not track where I stopped watching an HBA show and always restarts what I want to watch.  I have to search for the last scene I watched when I want to resume watching.  Really annoying.  Contour is not working well so that isn't a great option for me.  

Bottom line, I'm not having a great experience with COX and HBO Max because of this.  I can't use the HBO Max platform (their app) to watch shows.  E.g. I want to see if I can download and watch shows while I am traveling.  Using contour is klunky.  It works but not well enough.  

This is a major problem for me.  I just signed up for a year of this and this is the first week.  I am frustrated.  I spent almost an hour with tech support last night on chat.  I was suppose to get an email this morning with something to make this work.  I got nothing.  I am hoping support can get this problem identified and fixed.

I have reset my password (always a good thing to do anyway).  I have quit and restarted the application to no avail.  I've tested on my Mac as I said above and that works. I even shutdown and restarted the iPad.  Nothing clears this problem.  It is persistent.

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