Contour recorded shows are deleted on their own

This is not the first time I have seen this but my Contour box deletes recorded shows from time to time on its own. This is not a problem with disk space, its only 24% full and the Contour box was replaced about 2 months ago so its rather new. I am the only person at home and I would not have deleted those movies, they are some of my favorites and do not air very often. This also happened with my previous Contour box. The only thing I can imagine is the Contour software / hardware being at fault. In my opinion it is very unreliable system, lots of freezes and re-boots. I wish there was another cable company available in South OC. I gave up calling Cox support, they can't figure it out and the best they can do is to replace the Contour box which means having to re-program all the favorite shows and loose the recorded ones.

Has anyone else had issues with recordings being deleted?