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Morning Boot Issue

Aug/Sep 2022 - DVR + 3x remote boxes

Most mornings over the last six weeks or so, we awake to find "boot" on the DVR and no TVs come on.  Only th "b" in boot is lit.  the letters "oot" are dim.

When this happens, SmartHelp and manual online reboot will not work.  

If you keep unplugging and plugging in the DVR and the remotes, at some point things work.  This is usually after an hour or two.

Cox support is zero help.  They had me take two of the remote boxes in for swap.  One because that TV (remote) is the first one we try, so they said swap that.  The second remote was swapped because it was an older model.

One of the two swapped boxes was DOA, so another trip back to Cox.  The system worked for a day, then the exact same failure.  Cox wanted to send a tech out, but I decided to take the DVR and move it to one of the remote TV sets.  That was to see if the problem followed the DVR.  After two days, same failure.

Is anyone else seeing anything like this?

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  • Same started for me a couple of days ago. When lucky, one cold boot of modem/router/dvr eventually [minimum 30 minutes, but often more] completes the ~5 minute daily update. Last 2 days i haven't been lucky needing AT LEAST 5 iterations [well, today 5 and counting]

    Cox has offered ZERO solution that will allow retention of recorded shows [disc ~90% full]

    I can get new box, but lose recordings.

    I can go to cloud based, but lose recordings.

    retaining box that only sometimes behaves in order to eventually seen what has been recorded - while obtaining new one for future recordings. That isn't done.

    Copying contents of diseased box to new box - that isn't done.

    "Is there anything else we can help you with?"

    Seriously? You have been no help.

    Does ANYONE know of a workaround that allows recovery of recordings before trading in for a new unit??