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billing error still not corrected

My monthy bill should be $169.54 under my 24 month agreement but it was wrong this month.  They fixed it but since it was a manual fix it is still not fixed in my account view and now the bill is almost due.  Can someone go ahead adjust things so that it will be the correct $169.54 for this month?  I am posting here because I chatted and they weren't able to fix it, and as far as I can tell, Cox doesn't have an email.  Can someone please just go ahead and fix it for me?  The bill is due in two days.  They did the manual fix for it one week ago and told me it might show up in the system by Wednesday but it has still not shown up.  What should I do?  Can I just pay the $169.54 and let them fix it later?

  • The manual fix they did was to re-enter the promotions.  My old promotions were ending at different times so they had to set the new ones up after my old ones ended.  They said they are notes in the system, so I am hoping the chat moderator can look them up and help me.  I just need someone to make a fix before my next bill is due July 31.  Otherwise, I will have to pay $207 for this month.  Or if you think it's safe, I will just make the $169.54 payment this month and it will show my bill is past due but I assume they will fix this later.