Broke my DVR then charged me $200 for 2 technicians to come out

An update was pushed to my DVR a couple of weeks ago. I was watching tv at the time. After the update the DVR kept rebooting and rebooting. I had to power cycle it to get it to come back online. I call cox support. They send a technician out to look at it. As he's investigating the issues he says another technician is coming to lend a hand. They see the "boot" word on the front of the DVR and says they've replaced 3 already that day. He recommends he replace it. I just got my bill and it has a $200 one time charge on it. I just started a chat with cox and the agent says it was a one time technician charge.... $100 for each technician.

This is unreal. Break customers hardware then charge them for multiple techs to come out to fix it??

Has anyone else had this issue?