Volume Issues

I am having an issue with the volume going out on channels.

It has happened on Bravo and the USA Network.

Please help.

  • Hello AWDP,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the audio on those channels. There are a few things that I would recommend to try to restore the audio. First, can you check to make sure the Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) is disabled? You can find instructions at www.cox.com/.../managing-secondary-audio-programming-settings.html . Next, can you check the audio cables? If you are using an HDMI cable from the cable box to the TV, can you try a different HDMI port? Are you using any audio device such as speakers, amplifiers, sound bar, etc? If so, can you try bypassing it and connecting the audio directly through the TV? We look forward to hearing the results.

    Tiffany R.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
  • Bravo and USA are under the same division, NBCUniversal Cable, so it may be an issue with your local affiliate distributing both signals?

    I'd ensure Contour is configured to only process audio as stereo.

    Contour button > Setting (gear icon) > Device Settings > Audio > HDMI Audio Output > select Stereo (PCM)

    If you've connected an optical cable to Contour for audio, do the same for the Digital Audio Output (optical/SPDIF) setting.  If not, ignore.

  • I've been having this issue as well for about the past week, maybe longer. Sou d just ramdomly goes out. Sometime it comes back on in a second or 2, and other times I have to change the channel, then change it back and it instantly fixes this. I don't know is its in connection or not, but at about the same time all my streaming apps on the contour boxs started lagging and are as of today unwatchable(Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and Paramount+ just as example.