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Contour Box freeze up all the time?

Have had my contour box freeze up all the time when changing channels. Have replaced this box four times now, still having issues why? Dose cox not have reliable equipment? You really should because of how much you charge for your services. Also have had two techs out to my house and a dude that called him quality control. Still having problems. Why? Do you not have folks that can fix problems? Getting ready to turn all this equipment in and cancel cox. 

  • First check the batteries in your remote.  If they're OK, you probably have a weak signal.

    Does the Contour box only freeze when changing channel or does it also freeze when other remote buttons are pressed, e.g. pause, reverse, fast forward?  When a remote button is pressed, a signal is sent to a Cox server and a reply is sent back to the box.  If you have a signal issue, the box can freeze while waiting on a reply from the server it may never receive.  The fact you've replaced the box four times is further evidence the issue is probably caused by a weak signal and not the boxes.

    What did the techs do when they were at your house?  Did they check your signal strength?  If not, schedule a tech visit to test your signal strength, including at the tap.  If your cable comes in from a pole, be sure to request a tech with a long ladder.  If the tech determines you have a weak main line signal, he will escalate the issue for correction at no cost to you.

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