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Contour1 TV grid only updates 8 hours

My Contour1 TV grid didn't update last night.  I powered off the box and when it rebooted, the first 8 hours updated normally, but the remaining grid never updated.  A Contour1 (Cox TV) grid normally updates for the next 13 days.  I then used the Cox website to reset the box.  When it rebooted, the only change was the grid displayed a new eight hours, starting from the fresh reboot.  I contacted Cox and was told they sent a passive channel update signal to the cable box, but it had no effect.  I later rebooted again with the same results.

Cox is telling me I need to replace the box.  I'd like to know for sure it's not an issue with the TV Grid update software before I replace it.  Has any other Contour1 user experienced an issue with the TV grid only updating the initial eight hours?  

  • It appears to have been a temporary update issue.  I rebooted multiple times yesterday and the TV grid never updated past 8 hours.  When I checked the grid today, it was updated for the normal 13 days.