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Connecting new Sony TV without getting another HD box...


  • In computer room, >2 Windows PC's, > a Cox Cable Gateway (router/modem) Technicolor 'CGM 4331', DOCSIS 3.1
  • In bedroom, > An LG OLED 'C7P' 55" TV, >and a Cox 'Contour' HD box w/DVR capability

Considering buying a Sony 43" 4k tv, the 'X85J', 120Hz, (for NFL and tennis primarily) for the computer room when the Boss is watching TV in the BR . I want to get the Sony working without having to get another HD box from Cox. When I was in my local electronics retailer, a Cox rep happened to be there though he was quite busy trying to answer questions from several people.

The Cox guy said there was a way to do it... what he called a 'client wireless box'. I couldn't get more details from him because it was too busy. Does anyone here know how the potential new Sony set would be connected? Thanks for any help.

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