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Cable doesn't work in the morning; system reboot

Four times in the past week, we have had to reboot our host DVR box several times to access cable. It shows as "No signal" on the tv initially then the box reboots over and over again until i unplug the power cord.  Eventually, it reboots successfully but this is easily 30 minutes of our time almost every morning. Anybody else experience this and, if so, is there a solution?

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  • This happens with our wireless box every morning.  So I reboot the box about 5-6 times. Reboot the modem & the wireless box. It doesn't help, I called technical support the suggested a new box I did this. It worked for about a week and now we're back to the same thing.  I called again tech support the again scheduled another appointment.  Cox never came! Now I just turn off the TV & cable box for about 1 hour . Then I turn it back on & it works. Let's see how long this works. So frustrated with Cox when the tech doesn't show up! No call or anything from them just all the reminders that they're coming & I have an appointment.  What I want to know is why are we paying so much for cable of we have to keep calling for service?