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Support for IR codes for a PHEANOO D6 soundbar on the Contour 2 and XR11 controller

I recently purchased a soundbar that it's brand is not listed under the Remote Setup under the Audio Devices function. And even though I did try several times going through the long sequence of the 992 and CH+ process, I never was able to pair it.

Here is the info on the brand and model:

  • MODEL: D6

I was wondering if your techs could add the pairing codes to the Contour 2 box via an online update?  If yes, I got the manufacturer's remote control codes.  Including the main 4-digit code: 02FD

As you can see above, the above 4-digit code cannot be added with the XR11 since I believe it's not in the proper format.   So I am hoping your techs know how to convert it to the correct format?

Here are the rest of the codes for each button on the IR remote control (in pictures) from the soundbar:

The ones I only need for the XR11 are:

  • MUTE

Let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions...

  • optical is outputting audio but you just can't adjust it via XR11.  Nuts!  With the TV configured for external speakers, I wanted to test if the codes (XR11) could still instruct the amount of volume from the TV.  I guess not.  In optical mode, the TV is only sending un-amped, audio data.  Meaning, it's just data bypassing the TV amplifier.  Is there an optical connector on your Contour Box?

    Moreover, an optical cable/connector/port only supports audio data.  Meaning, via optical, there is no 2-way communications between the TV and SB; therefore, the SB can't send its make & model numbers.  I guess you could think of optical as only passive, 1-way data.  HDMI, on the other hand, is 2-way...negotiation...syn/ack.  We just need to figure its lack of audio.

    Have you disconnected the optical and analog cables to test HDMI?

    I'd turn off AnyNET to test HDMI.  Sometimes CEC creates more problems than it's worth.

    However, as a complete stab in the dark with AnyNET, is your SB listed in the AnyNET Device List?  If so, any audio options?

    Ensure the version of your HDMI cable matches at least the HDMI version of the TV.  Since the SB is newer, I'll assume it has a later version of HDMI.

    I read the manual for your TV and this doesn't look too promising.

    Page 11:  "When an audio amplifier is connected to the AUDIO OUT jacks:  Decrease the volume of the TV and adjust the volume level with the amplifier's volume control."  (Meaning, powered speakers, such as your SB, are technically an amp.  The SB is an amplifier but with built-in speakers.)

    Page 20:  "When Speaker Select is set to External Speaker, the volume and MUTE buttons will not operate and the sound settings will be limited."  (Meaning, although the XR11 or TV remote is sending volume control, the TV is ignoring the IR commands.)

    Page 42 (Troubleshooting for Anynet+):  "If your receiver supports audio only, it may not appear in the device list."

    Workarounds?  I don't know.  With HDMI and optical, the TV is pretty much "hands off" with audio.  An audio connector on Contour would help.

    Disable Anynet?

    An A/V receiver would work but if your SB only outputs 2-channel stereo, what's the sense?  However, the sub would engage.

    Since Contour doesn't recognize Pheanoo, you're limited to optical and the Pheanoo remote.

    A learning remote would work but as you wrote, no RF.

    A Universal Remote Control app on a mobile device could work.  You'd just need to find a device with both IR and RF blasters.  Then again, could this app control Contour?  Also, from my experience, apps performing even the simplest tasks are annoyingly slow.  First you'd need to wake the device, launch the app, navigate the app, re-establish the connection and have the app convert your commands into signals...and I'm sure the RF signals would travel on the already-congested 2.4 GHz frequency.  If you have an Android device with built-in blasters, it'd be faster.  Non-blaster devices would be slower.

    There isn't much audio troubleshooting in the manual but I'm sure you've already scoured it.

  • You'd just need to find a device with both IR and RF blasters.

    Good news, I was able to find a learning universal remote control that will work with the Contour 2 and my soundbar, as well as all my other video/audio devices that use a remote control.  The new URC can be programmed to control up to 15 devices.

    Up to this point I thought that the XR11's RF was the only way to control the Contour 2 box, but I was mistaken.  The Contour 2 box will also except IR for all it's functions (except the Voice control -- of course).

    So now I can just use this new URC, and just keep the XR11 nearby whenever I need to do a voice command -- which is very rare for me, since I tend to watch almost everything with the DVR feature -- hardly anything playing live, unless it's sports and I am around to watch it.

    But aside from the voice control, I can do just about anything I want with the URC to control all the features on the Contour box and etc.

    I know the new URC is not sending any RF signals, because if the remote is not pointing to the direction of the cable box, it won't work, unlike the XR11 remote that I can face it away from the box and it will still operate it.

    The URC is:

    Brand: Sofabaton
    Model: U1

    I hope this helps someone out there that is in the same predicament as I was for a while ...

    And I am still hoping that someday Cox or Xfinity provide support for the Pheanoo soundbars.

    P.S. the new URC already supports the Pheanoo D5 soundbar from it's list of device codes -- which mostly all it's IR codes are the same for the D6 model -- which I have.  I guess someone already done the chore of adding it to their database.  I hope others follow up on that, I'm sure the D5 codes may be available (somewhere?).