Cox Contour continues to display NFL scores before the game ends while watching the recording on DVR

I posted on this subject a few months ago and the problem is still there. I set the DVR recording to start 2 minutes before the game starts and end one hour after the game ends. I then start watching one hour after the game's actual start time so I can fast forward through the commercials. Been doing this for several years and had no issues. Lately when I am watching the recording and when the actual game ends (real time) a pop up appears on the tv showing the final score. This ** because I am not even close to finishing the recording and have no idea about the outcome. This is really bad. I have gone into the notification settings on Contour and turned them all off. I do not know where this score notification is coming from? How do I get rid of this???? I doubt it has anything to do with the LG tv's settings and I have checked them also. Someone from Cox has to know how to fix this.