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4 digit to 2 digit HD channel transition

Received a notice that the 1000+ channels are goign away, being replaced by the double and triple digit companion channels. Does this affect CableCard non Cox DVR equipment as well?


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  • This is called "re-mapping" the virtual channels.  It probably will effect t any presets on your equipment.  For example, if you're set to record channel 1005, you'll need to change the recording to channel 5.  If you have a customized view of a channel guide, you'll probably need to adjust it.

    You were receiving the "digital companion" frequency-channels all along...just not using them because they were probably a lower format.

    In 2009, if Digital TV was the future, providers should have originally mapped the SD channels to 1000+.  What difference would it have made?  We were already in its understanding phase.

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