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4 digit to 2 digit HD channel transition

Received a notice that the 1000+ channels are goign away, being replaced by the double and triple digit companion channels. Does this affect CableCard non Cox DVR equipment as well?


  • Watching TV just got easier
    An important update on channels 1000-1950
    Hi Paul,

    On Wednesday, December 15, we’re removing duplicate HD channels currently found on channels 1000-1950. This means you’ll watch your favorite shows on the corresponding 1,2, or 3-digit channel.
    For example 1034 = 34.

    Not to worry, no programs are going away. We’re only making the change to simplify your viewing experience.

    Your favorites and parental controls won't be affected either, so you won't have to do anything.

    Check out our latest channel line up here.

    Using a DVR?
    Double check to make sure your recordings haven’t been dropped after Wednesday, December 15. If they have, you’ll need to reset them to record your favorite shows.

    Power On Channel?
    Don't forget: If your Cox TV auto powers to a 4- digit channel, it'll need to be reset to a 1-3 digit channel.
    For example 1006 = 6.

    Questions? Chat with us anytime.

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