USA sports--email today from Cox

USA Network removal
Change coming January 4, 2022

Hi Susan, Just a friendly reminder that you chose a TV package that does not include sports programming. Recently, we’ve learned that USA Network is adding sports shows to its schedule. As a result, we’re removing USA Network from your package on Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

Here is my response:

Susan Grayson <s***********>

11:16 AM (31 minutes ago)
to Cox
This is the most idiotic message I have ever received from COX. So USA network shows a sports competition now & then, & you (COX) decide that USA is now verboten? Will you be cutting NBC from my package because they show Olympics & skating competitions? Oh my GOD, there might be a soccer game on NBC & COX must prevent me from viewing it without paying extra?  It makes about as much sense to me. Perhaps you should also cut PBS because they show cooking shows & I don't pay for your "Lifestyles" package. Or maybe cut the Discovery channel because they show how to build homesteads & that's too much like HGTV, which I don't pay for. 
I have stuck with cable for decades when there are numerous alternatives. It seems to me that you might want to make cable MORE attractive to your customers instead of less. Your entire TV package menu is designed to make your customers buy more & pay for more packages than they want just to get one additional TV show that only exists in a package they don't really want. I live with & accept that because free market capitalism practices allow you to do so. I have not complained--I can either accept or reject your services. But you sure don't make it easy to like & maintain a positive attitude about you. Are you so desperate that you must 'nickel & dime' your customers like this?  I wouldn't be surprised if my rate increases with this decrease in service.
The fact is--I rarely watch the USA channel & probably won't miss it, but the fact that you use this nonsensical, idiotic & shameless reason for this change is insulting & worrisome. I intend to publicize this because you deserve the shame. 
And by the way, another reason I might just drop you from my life is that excruciating GD commercial that I see (and most annoyingly HEAR) that 'it's gonna be OK' at least 10 times a day. That smarmy song & dubious fake message lead me to change channels every time I hear it. MAKE IT GO AWAY, PLEASE!!!! 
It has just occurred to me that if you can delete one channel from my lineup, then you must be able to add one channel without mandating that I buy a 'package'. This requires more investigation & possibly some publicity as well. 
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