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CCI Flag

Back in August I complained about Cox changing the CCI flag to 'copy protect' (DRM) without any prior notice.  This broke my non-Tivo, non-Cox-supplied box that was working *fine* with a Cox-supplied cable card before this change.  To date I have not received an acceptable explanation, and I still can only watch local channels on my personal equipment + Cox-supplied cable card - no national cable channels, sports, news, etc.

I have a different question - since the Cox can change the PPV flag for subscribers who buy a watch-once special event, why can't the CCI flag be reverted back to 'copy freely' for those of us who have been long time subscribers (since 2002) and use a Cox-supplied cable card with our own equipment?

  • Hello Dshorrosh,

    Due to evolving use of the Internet to view and transmit video programming, Cox must make network upgrades to ensure its programming remains secure.
    If you are finding that you are unable to view or record select channels please be advised of the following:

    • If you are using a PC-based CableCARD-enabled device from companies such as SiliconDust (e.g., HDHomeRun Prime), ATI (e.g. ATI – TV Wonder) or Ceton (e.g. infiniTV) you must use equipment and software that is DRM-compliant to view DRM-protected channels.

    If you wish to record DRM-protected channels, these devices require that Windows Media Center (WMC) must be used to support copy protection. Some of these devices may require WMC to even view copy-protected channels. Unfortunately, Microsoft announced in 2015 that WMC would no longer be supported beginning with Windows 10.

    Please contact your device manufacturer if you have additional questions about compatible equipment or software configurations.

    • If you are using a TiVo and are unable to view or make recordings please contact TiVo.

    After you have contacted the device manufacturer, if you are still having problems please let us know.

    Tiffany R.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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