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Recording starts 45 seconds early and stops 45 seconds before end of show

Recently all of my DVR recording have started 45 seconds early and ends 45 seconds before end of show. The DVR time is 45 seconds fast in comparison to the actual time. Called Tech support and we reset/rebooted DVR multiple times but clock is still set 45 seconds to fast. Tech told me I would be charged $75 for a tech call if it was not a Coc problem. My work around has been to extend the time recording by 1 minute. Anyone have any suggestions other than a $75 tech call?  

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  • Ok it been over 3 weeks. Cox support reported that a firmware patch has been installed that might fix the problem. This was my reply back to them today.

    Ok I taped 2 shows ay different times yesterday and today. In both cases the DVR taped approx 30 seconds early and ended about 20 seconds before the end of the show. With this set up there are times now when adding 30 seconds to the end of the recording, I am only able to record 1 show at a time because of the overlapping 30 seconds. This ticket should be re-opened.