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Program listed on the guide is not what is being broadcast.

For WEEKS now we have had this problem. I have done live chat several times and all anyone does is reset the receiver. I can't see how this could possibly be a receiver issue, this is a broadcasting problem. They wanted to send a tech out, how in the world is a tech going to fix a broadcast problem?

MYTV Channel 1012 , or channel 12 -  it doesn't matter what it SAYS is on, what is really being broadcast are programs/network STADIUM

CW Channel 1006  - or channel 06 - it doesn't matter what it SAYS is on, what is REALLY being broadcast are programs/network COMET

it also doesn't matter what day or time, they do not match. 

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  • Hi Slb, KVCW is the CW affiliate in your area, owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group. You may have heard about Sinclair's cybersecurity incident in October, which KVCW acknowledged on their Facebook page ( KVCW also airs Comet TV, This TV, TBD, and My LVTV on its digital substations, so you may see some of the content from these affiliates on channel 6 and channel 12 until Sinclair is able to restore full programming. I'm sorry for the impact this has had to your entertainment experience! Please know that the impacted networks across the country are working hard to return to their normal broadcast schedule as quickly as possible. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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