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Pixelation TBS ESPN

Anyone else having pixelation issues when watching TBS or ESPN? Baseball playoffs and football are painful to watch. Technicians have come out changed the box checked signals changed splitter and it's still happening. 

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  • Hello Angelo,

    I am so sorry that you are experiencing trouble with Pixelation. I can understand how frustrating this would make watching your favorite shows or games. Pixelation is typically caused by a signal issue. It sounds like you have already done a lot to try to correct the issue. If you have not already or if it has been awhile, I do recommend checking the connections to ensure the connections are secure (fingertight), the cables are all undamaged, and bypass any surge protectors or splitters connected to the coaxial cable between the cable box and the wall outlet. Please let us know the results. If the issue does continue, it is likely you will need to have another technician out to look into it.

    Tiffany R.
    Social Media Support Specialist
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