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Contour 1 Guide Not getting Updated

As a Contour1 User I have noticed the Guide function has not been updated for a few days.  This has happened over the years a few times and the 'official' phone help is usually the same - the guide is  3rd party vendor product that typically only goes out only 1 week to 2 weeks (2 weeks has been typical from my 20+ years as a customer)  and we (Cox) has no control over the content.  Understood - but Cox's unwillingness to NOTIFY the third party vendor their product has not been updated is the issue.  So it appears the "one guy" who maintains the guide went on vacation or was otherwise disposed - but no one at Cox can take a note to "alert" the Vendor of the Channel Guide product that we rely upon in our monthly service ? Really ?

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    We are aware of an issue with one of our broadcasters where several channels are experiencing technical difficulties affecting channels in several markets. This may result in incorrect or unscheduled programming, Incorrect guide information, or even a blank screen. We can check to see if this is the issue affecting your guide. Please reach out to us via our Social Media channels, Facebook or Twitter, or email us at Include your address, your first/last name, and the name of the primary account holder.

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