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Contour 2 mini boxes randomly shut down and ask to be rebooted.

Random shut downs of my mini boxes and they require restart.  I exchanged the boxes at the Cox store - they are still shutting down.  The helpdesk sent a reboot signal to both boxes, it happened again with one box.  All connections that I can reach are tight.  I even reset the internet gateway - still having problems.  Help, please!  I do not want to go around in circles with the helpdesk again.  

  • Hello Techrx,

    I am truly sorry to hear that the mini boxes keep shutting down. Since you replaced the boxes and they are still having trouble, it is likely to be an issue with the signal. There are so many things that can cause the signal issue. You have already checked the connections, which is a good first step in troubleshooting the signal issue. Are you using a splitter between the wall outlet and the mini boxes? If so, can you bypass them? Do you have an amplifier connected? If so, please make sure that it is plugged in, the connections are tight, and has power. If you continue to have trouble, a service call may be needed to have a technician out to look into this. Please email us at with your name, address, a link to this thread, and the results of the splitter and amplifier check.

    Tiffany R.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator