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LIVE TV Delayed

TV feeds are now 30-40 seconds behind the streaming feeds. This has been a problem for the last few weeks (at least). 

For example - If I watch NFL Red Zone on stream it's about 8 seconds ahead of watching NFL Red Zone on TV. Last season the TV feed was 20-30 seconds ahead. 

What the heck is going on? Power cycling the system doesn't work. Restarting the system doesn't work. Doing a system refresh doesn't work. This is a clearly widespread issue (see the other posts here). There's really no point to stay on cable if we are now even behind streaming services.

  • So are we going to get any official word from Cox on this? I called customer service, and the guy was clueless. He suggested having someone come out and look at the equipment. I told him that I doubted it was a hardware thing. Seems like the Cox people have no idea how to respond to this issue.

    A 45 second delay watching stuff on my TV is ludicrous for what I pay, and their explanation is totally stupid (nobody else except Cox is having these issues). Will need to cancel if there isn't resolution.

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