TV top wifi box delay vs mini box

I have a wifi TV box and 2 mini TV boxes. When watching the exact same channels on the 3 TV's, the TV connected to the wifi box is delayed by about 30 seconds. In other words, I can watch a TV connected to a mini box via coax and HDMI cable and then walk to the room with the TV connected to the wifi box connected to the TV via HDMI and see the same channel but it's about 30 seconds behind what I've already viewed in the other room. WHY?

Another issue:  When watching the TV connected to the wifi box the local channel 8 (in Las Vegas) has a lag in the sound on live programs, e.g. the local news. WHY? This is ONLY on channel 8 and only on live broadcasts.  Yes I have reset everything multiple times. Yes the SAP is off. Yes I have turned off the sound bar connected to the TV. No, the wifi is not affecting anything else and no other channels are having the sound/picture delay issue. Yes the TV has a delay that I can compensate sound vs picture but it is already at the minimum adjustment. The picture needs to be delayed not the sound. There is no delay for channel 8 when watching either of the TV's connected to the mini boxes.

These are 2 separate issues that I have not been able to resolve. The first one mentioned really is not a problem but I'm just curious. The second issue is annoying when trying to watch channel 8 news. Thanks!