Error message !RDK-03004

I have received the error message RDK-03004 the last three weeks. Says there seems to be some trouble, tighten connections and restart. Unplug, wait 10 minutes, check connections, and nothing. Contour box sticks at 1PST. Error only happens between 6 pm -10 pm, lasts overnight and comes back on itself by 5 am. Never error message during the morning or afternoon. At my wits end with this. Customer for over 20 years, and can’t get this fixed. Called help desk, they don’t ever know what the code means. Ugh. Thank goodness for steaming services. 

  • I have been getting the exact same issues for the past 4 days including my internet slowing down to dial up speed. Tech this morning said to call back when I completely lost all services. Um no. I have heard everything from it is my remote to I have 10-20% packet loss and I need to reboot my modem. I can reboot the modem and the box until I finally give up and in a few hours, things are magically fixed. This is not equipment issues, this is a Cox issue.

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