Trying to figure how old or version my DVR box is

Hello.  My current DVR box is Serial: SACDQBDWC and MAC: 44E08ECBD3C9.  Is there any way of knowing what version this box would be or how many newer boxes have come out since.   I have been getting more locked up recently and when I reset my cable box I lose my recordings.  I have a feeling my version is just too old 


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  • your work arounds didn't work

    My workarounds?  If anything, I asked for more info and suggested basic checks but you gave up.  What were my workarounds?

    Why won't the Scamo allow your Dells to update their antivirus software and travel list? security and word processing are such basic functions...but the Panoramic router from Cox denied you these functions?  You spends hundreds of dollars per year year-after-year for this thing?  I'd only have 1 workaround for the Scamo.