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Entire recording library got wiped from my Contour overnight - why?

Over 100 programs disappeared overnight.  Today, June 8, 2021, I was about to watch a saved show and saw ZERO items in my Saved view in Contour.  Checked another of my Contour devices and the app - gone.   Worse yet, the deleted items was empty so no opportunity to retrieve.   I was at 84% of capacity last night which is why I set aside some time today to binge a few items.   Called 3 times and 3 times the agent conveniently (intentionally perhaps?) dropped my connection.   Guess the whole script about getting our number at the start to call us back is just empty words.  On my final call, the agent did say that she had been getting a rise in calls about this issue today.   So at least it wasn't just me.  All I want is for this system to work as advertised.  What's the point of promoting that we can use Contour to build a digital library if they are just going to dump it indiscriminately without notice. 

We're on to you Cox.  I saw a similar thread posted about this was already locked after just two hours.  

Very unhappy with the indifference you demonstrate to your customers.   First chance a new cable provider comes into town, you are gone. 

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