Contour Landscape Screensaver

In the Contour settings, I selected Landscape as my screensaver and it has some very scenic images.

However, the ratio of scenic images to promotional BS has become insufferable.  Moreover, there are more Promotions than Landscapes:  Promotions (7) to Landscapes (3).

I watched the screensaver for about 15 minutes and tracked its rotation:

Landscape:  Bondi Beach, New South Wales Australia
Promotion:   Contour + Peacock
Promotion:   EPIX Free Preview
Promotion:   Try Out These Voice Commands:  Gameroom, Family Summer Fun, NBA Playoffs
Promotion:   Black Music Month
Landscape:  Cathedrals Beach, Galicia, Spain
Promotion:   Happy Pride Month
Promotion:   Ring Sports
Landscape:  Bristol, United Kingdom

Did I mention I selected Landscape as my screensaver?  The Landscape screensaver has a 1-to-2 ratio of scenic images to Promotional BS.

What's going on here?  Why does Cox have to ruin things?