Wichita KS CableCard now has DRM


I'm in the Wichita KS market and have used a CableCard with an HDHomerun prime for several years.  Starting yesterday morning, I lost all non-local channels.  After talking with Tech support, we repaired my cablecard and did a channel scan.  The channels came back, but they all now have DRM, meaning I can no longer watch any of them.

There are similar posts of this happening recently in other areas and in some (Tulsa, OK - Omaha,NE) It sounds like the DRM was later removed.  How can I get Cox to remove the DRM for cablecards in the Wichita/KS market ?

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- PS - I'm able to tune test channel 1987 without issues, however the "test" channel for the recent changes was not set up with DRM.

  • I sent a complaint to the FCC describing how the Cox was falsely advertising the use of CableCards. Since then, they have officially updated the site with all of the new messages saying:

    "Due to the evolving use of the Internet to view and transmit video programming, Cox must make network upgrades to ensure its programming remains secure. It may be necessary to contact the equipment provider for CableCARD-ready devices to upgrade your device.

    Note: PC-based CableCARD devices, such as HDHomeRun Prime from Silicon Dust, TV Wonder from ATI, or InfiniTV from Ceton, require Windows Media Center to record and may be required to view copy-protected channels."

    In the response, they go into more detail on how it's not Cox who causes the problems, indicating that it's the HdHomerun hardware at fault.

    I'm starting to believe that Cox is closing the curtain on CableCards. Hopefully at some point in the future this will be fixed.

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