Wichita KS CableCard now has DRM


I'm in the Wichita KS market and have used a CableCard with an HDHomerun prime for several years.  Starting yesterday morning, I lost all non-local channels.  After talking with Tech support, we repaired my cablecard and did a channel scan.  The channels came back, but they all now have DRM, meaning I can no longer watch any of them.

There are similar posts of this happening recently in other areas and in some (Tulsa, OK - Omaha,NE) It sounds like the DRM was later removed.  How can I get Cox to remove the DRM for cablecards in the Wichita/KS market ?

Thank you,


- PS - I'm able to tune test channel 1987 without issues, however the "test" channel for the recent changes was not set up with DRM.

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