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DRM set on ALL non-local Hampton Roads channels

It appears all the non local channels in the Hampton Roads area have been set to DRM today.  Can someone explain why?  I'm assuming it has to do with the change to mp4 but this should not effect the DRM settings.  Apparently it was a problem in other areas and Cox has corrected it.  Can someone at Cox please get it fixed? 

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  • Update -
    Just to recap - I'm using 2 HDHR tuners and rgsperl is using 4 Tivo's. We both live in the same geographical area and we both lost all channels except for the local channels at the same time, approx 5:15pm on Wednesday.  When I went to the Cox store to replace the cablecards the young lady who helped me said that 6 other people had also come into the store that day to replace cable cards.  She also said that she has never had that many people come in for cable card replacements ever.  She said the normal is 1 or 2 every 2-3 months!

    Anyhow, I Spoke with Scott who claimed to be a Cox support supervisor in VAB.  Scott agreed, with 2 folks losing all channels except  the local ones at the same time and with 2 different type appliances and multiples at that, the problem is on their end.  Scott said he put in a ticket for the engineers and hopefully we'll get some resolution.  Here's' hoping...