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DRM set on ALL non-local Hampton Roads channels

It appears all the non local channels in the Hampton Roads area have been set to DRM today.  Can someone explain why?  I'm assuming it has to do with the change to mp4 but this should not effect the DRM settings.  Apparently it was a problem in other areas and Cox has corrected it.  Can someone at Cox please get it fixed? 

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  • Day 2 - After speaking with 4 different folks at support it was decided I need to replace both cablecards.  This was done and I still have the same problem all non-local channels are DRM status. 

    I was told the problem is on my end, but that's just not correct.  Since I can see the channels but I can't tune them because the DRM flag is set on all the non-local channels. I've been told there is no level 2 support for cablecards so I'm at a dead end.

    Cox - the problem is on your end - this is not the first time the DRM flags have been incorrectly set as noted in the above link indicating the same problem in other markets which needed to be corrected.  Please fix the DRM flags.