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Was enjoying EASY LISTENING MUSIC channel just now and all of a sudden it went totally silent for a few mins and then...that worthless POS O'biden was on my TV making some kind of speech and it was on the FOX NEWS CHANNEL!  I watch Newsmax & Fox but that is not the point! 

SO how did my channel change from EZ listening to Fox News all by itself? 

I'm now rebooting it but this is totally insane!!! :(

I'm also not happy by the fact that my Cox bill email said I owed $233 when, in fact, I only owed them $177!  It's now fixed FOR THE SECOND TIME but ya'll need to get your XXX together or get a new job!


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  • Mine just did the same thing: however, I was listening to the 80's.

    If a channel (Music Choice) becomes unavailable or offline or unreachable; Contour will "default' to your previously-watched channel after a certain period of time.

    It's nothing to do with Contour but probably the signal from Music Choice.  You can test this by tuning to a premium channel you're not subscribed to and let it churn for a bit.  Eventually, Contour will default to your previous channel.

    You, however, got the worst of it with Sleepy Joe fumbling through a lost thought.

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