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New DRM in Cox OC land?

It would appear that as of today (1/7) Cox seems to now tagging all their non-local channels as DRM in the OC?  Can anyone else confirm this?  Those of us using a HDHomerunPrime are certainly not going to be happy with this decision as it limits the use of the HDHomerun to live tv viewing only and no DVR functionality.  Please tell me they don't plan on keeping this permanently (as forcing people to reevaluate their tv options is not conducive to keeping existing customers around).  Judging by the forums, its a case of 'welcome to the club' and 'good luck with streaming'.

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  • Oh my gosh x2! I am also in the Omaha area and I am seeing this as well! I have been working with CableCARD support all day (amazing people) after I noticed that certain channels stopped working in Plex, but I started to notice the CCI byte flag on all of my non broadcast channels as well and asked to have this escalated. 

    Also using the HDHomeRun Prime, I’m going to email this forum post to the tech that I have been working with who is escalating this on Monday.

    Thank you for posting this! Glad I’m not alone!