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Tuning adapters no longer working - all 3 flashing yellow

I have 3 TiVos / 3 cablecards and 3 tuning adapters. Recently all 3 tuning adapters started flashing yellow and I do not have all my premium channels. I called to check to assure they were paired and that all the tuning adapters were set up for my account. I was assured all is in order, but they sent a tech. The tech just visited and said my signal, connections, etc. are all fine. He called and was told it must be a tivo problem. (Hmmmm. If it were a tivo problem then why would all three, all different generations of TiVos all fail to recognize the TA all at once?) Nonetheless, on one tivo I deleted everything, repeated guides set up, rebooted (dozens of times) power cycled the TA, etc, etc. Still nothing. I suspect that the people involved simply do not know how to deal with tivo. (4+ years ago it took weeks for me to get my TiVos working with cox and I had to escalate 3 times to finally get the guy who knew how to configure things at cox to get it to work.) How can I cut through the finger pointing and get someone who knows how to fix this? It worked fine for 4 years. Something happened at cox and there has been no change with tivo.