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Wireless TV Box - MoCA issues

I had wireless tv boxes set-up for a year and working great.  However about a month ago issues started. After numerous visits, the problem is that the MoCA is periodically disabled at that modem. re-enabling it means wireless tv will work fine for an minute to 12 hours, but just eventually will be disabled again at the modem.  Everyone is apparently clueless, since the sure “fix” never works.  What is the issue?  I keep thinking the central cox network is sending a signal to disable the MoCA, but no one will confirm.  

  • I have five cable boxes, four wireless, one wired. The wired one quit working, customer service wasn't much help, but I found the answer on forum that it's an issue with MoCA. Sure enough, about every 12 hours MoCA is turned off, even though supposedly it should not because I am not an internet only customer and require MoCA for IPTV to one of my boxes. It's annoying.

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