Shows Set To Record, But Don't

Did anyone have a problem recording Big Brother last night (9/15)? Although my DVR was set to record it and there was a checkmark indicated on my Guide, when it was time for Big Brother, it did not switch to record and of course, it was not in my recorded programs. It did the same thing with Americas Got Talent. I hope it's a Cox system problem, and that I don't need to replace my cable box......again. Of course, I reset all of the boxes, but that did not fix the problem.  

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  • Do you have a Contour 1 or Contour 2 receiver?

    What DVR service do you have? Record 2? Record 6?

    Can you record anything?

    If you had the maximum number of programs scheduled to record and you were watching live TV too, one of your scheduled recordings would not have recorded.  "Big Brother" normally isn't on Tuesday night, so that would have required an extra channel at 8:00pm EDT.  If you have a Record 2 DVR and you normally record "America's Got Talent" and something else at that time, the lower priority program would have failed to record, even if you weren't watching live TV.