Been a few years since COX was going to create a modify service function online to downgrade service

What is the status on this.

I want to be able to click, click, click, done... 

I do not want some 20 year old spending 10-15 minutes trying to upsell services to me..

As a customer, I should be able to modify my services without dealing with "retention"

If this service has not been created, even though I read responses from 3 years ago say it was, I will likely need to shop elsewhere or cut the cord.

"we make it easier on the customer!"  Cox motto....  So with that, where is the modify service button.

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  • you can't downgrade online only upgrade you added the sports package you didn't remove anything

    I didn't say I downgraded and I didn't add anything.  I selected the only plan that otherwise matched what I had before my service agreement expired.  The sports package was included as a signing bonus. 

    When I view my offers on the website, I see options to select speed plans offered by Cox, including slower speeds than the plan I was in.  When I checked the next slower speed option and applied the filter, three offers were displayed in ascending price savings sequence.  Each was for 67% less speed and Wireless 4K Contour Stream Player, with the following differences:

    1. 500 GB data plan, 1 year term service agreement
    2. No differences
    3. 1 year term service agreement

    These weren't options that I would want, but they were downgrades that I could have selected.  So, it is possible to downgrade online.  But there's no guarantee you'll be able to get the new plan you want.  However, it's still worth a look to see if there's a plan option that's better than what you have now.  I found the same plan I had before, plus the new sports package, for a cheaper price.

    It's easy enough to check what I've described.  Sign into the Cox website and see what service plans are available to you.

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