Technical support 9/6/2020 (Sunday) - 8:13am PST - Supervisor Hung Up On the Call

To whom this may concern,

On my call today 9/6/2020 at approximately 8:15am, I had an issue with supervisor Stan, who rudely hung up on me.  I initially called in at 8:13am and spoke to 1st female agent to whom I had to explain that I'd rather speak to a supervisor, since I already had given my full name and address to, and she kept repeatedly exclaiming to me that she was going to assist me on the call.  However, she was not listening to me and then kept asking me for my full name, after I had already given it to her.

She then finally transfers the call to Stan the supervisor (although he did not suggest to me that he was the supervisor).  I explained to him that I was in a hurry to go on with the call, so that I could go on with my day.  Stan replied, "You can just hang up." Then, he proceeded to rudely hang up on me.

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