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New vizio tv and now cable doesn't work

I bought a new vizio flat screen.  I think I have everything plugged in correctly (internet still works, and cable is running from the "to TV" port to the tv.)  The power on my motorolla cable box is on.  When I switch the settings on the tv to "tv" (I've tried them all: tv, av, component, hdmi, etc.), the text 'no signal" is displayed.  It was working on the other tv, but now it isn't.

Is it possible the cable box I have is so old it won't transmit the proper signal to the new tv?


  • If you are using the coaxial cable output from the cable box to the coaxial cable input of the TV, the TV must be tuned to channel 3. Otherwise, it is likely a TV setup problem of some sort. Give the model number of the TV in case its manual is available online.

  • Somewhat related to what Domino said you would probably see a benefit in switching to a component cable or HDMI connection if this is a  new HDTV.  In the case with either of those you would set your TV to use the component or HDMI input.