No way to go "Back" while using YouTube app

  • While using the YouTube app, none of the usual buttons to go back work. For example, if I start from the homepage and home page and select a to watch and then proceed to watch the next video that is suggested and then I want to go back either to the previous video or to the homepage I would expect to hit back twice to go to the homepage or once to get the previous video. However neither the last button or the little back button between the volume and channel changing rocker buttons do anything. I did find a method to get back to the YouTube home screen though, and that is to scroll all the way down to the bottom and then select the home button which takes me back to the YouTube homepage, which is not convenient if I just wanted to go back one video.

Note: I did the "app reset" suggested in a similar topic on this forum and while some others reported that it worked for them, it did not change anything for me...

Note 2: there is an icon labeled Back in the lower right corner (the pictogram looks like the replay button on the remote) but there is no way to "select" it (and then press OK) nor does the Replay on the remote work or do anything while in the YouTube app. 

Looking for suggestions...



  • Been having the same problem for a couple weeks now and have found the same fix by scrolling down during video play and clicking home. Weird thing is it's only on the host box. The client box in my bedroom works fine. About 2 weeks ago it gave me the same problem and one reset of the app fixed it. I have now reset the app on my host box at least 10 times and reset the host box a couple of times and unplugged it to reset and no improvement. I don't how this works the but the app versions on my boxes seem to change regularly. Tonight my host box version is web_20200622_00_00_RC00. Changing from this afternoon which was web_20200616_00_00_RC00.  My client box  version has been web_20200617_00_00_RC01 all day. What is the significance of the numbers? Obviously dates. Are they regular updated versions? And if so why not both boxes the same day?  Does COX have any knowledge of this stuff and how we can get a fix other than getting a new box which highly doubt is the problem after seeing this as a problem for many people over time. How bout is COX? You charge A LOT Of COIN these days for your services. Help us out.

    Thanks Paul.

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