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CableCARD fee increase, AGAIN?!?

In less than two years, the fee for a FCC mandated CableCARD has increased from $2 to $4 per month.

The equipment has never been updated or improved.

The same cards are in my TiVo units that were inserted originally.

Very few CSR's know how to properly manipulate them.

So I ask the question: how can Cox Communications justify a 100% increase in two years?

Have any of your salaries gone up 100% in two years?   No?  Then why is a piece of equipment that has not been improved, updated or changed out possible be 100% more expensive in just 24 months?

I imagine this is a somewhat rhetorical question, since there's little change ANY Cox employee reading this will have an answer that doesn't make them want to ask forgiveness for the lies they are about to type.

But I had to ask anyways, because someone has to hold you accountable for PRICE GOUGING during Covid-19