"LAST"button on remote no longer works correctly with YouTube, need a fix.

"LAST" button on remote no longer works correctly with YouTube, need a fix. If I was watching something on YouTube but wanted to end what I was watching I would click the "LAST" button on remote and return to where I originally started. That function no longer works causing  me to exit completely out of YouTube and start all over again. Does anyone know how to get this function working correctly again?

  • Hi Worldsfair. The best way to get to where you want to go while on YouTube is to use the left arrow button the remote. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • I am also having the same issue -- I was about to start a new topic about it, but I found this thread. 

    To me it seems that a current update was done to the YouTube App on the Contour 2 console -- and that now affects this function.  Someone with a higher pay grade needs to report it to someone in charge of the YouTube APP feature for the Contour 2 and it's remote control.

    Before, after conducting a Search in YouTube and selecting a video to watch, and then if you wanted to to back to the recent search to select another similar video, all we needed to do is press the LAST button on the Remote, but that no longer has that function.

    Plus I noticed that at the bottom right side of the screen it shows me an icon for Back on the screen, but there is no way to highlight/select that for some reason.

    The LAST button works well, when you are simply navigating the YouTube app -- it will take you back to the menu, but once you are watching a video, there is no way to go back.  You only get EXIT, but that closes the YouTube app -- and then you have the burden to conduct your search again, and again, and again.

     your suggestion to use the Left Arrow doesn't do a thing for me. It will only rewind the video to the start, but doesn't return me to my previous search or etc.

     the batteries are good.  No issues there.

    So I suggest both of you to attempt to do a search, then select a video, and then try to get back to the YouTube menu to select another video of your search and etc.

    The only workaround I found was to make a voice command to return to the YouTube menu, by simply saying "YOUTUBE MENU", but the problem is that I want to select something else from my recent search or from videos I tag to watch later, so I want to continue watching from where I left off during that page and etc.

  • I've experienced the same issue since my last Contour update. It's most irritating since I prefer to watch youtube from my Contour box. The Last button no longer works to navigate.